Happy MLK Jr. and Inauguration Day!

Hey everyone!

Hope your MLK Jr. break was great. Kazan members, however, are hard at work and will still be having practice tonight at 8!

Last week, Kazan members got together after Thursday practice to have amazing thai food and to bond with one another. Times like these are when we get to relax, have fun, and just get to know each other a little more than we do at practices.

There will be a lot more outside-of-practice social events and performances coming up! So don’t miss out!


Peace and Taiko Love,

Kazan Taiko


Kicking Off Spring Semester 2013!

Hi everyone!

Kazan family hopes everyone had a restful break and that they are excited to be back at SC for spring semester 2013! Kazan has a lot of performances and most importantly, our SPRING CONCERT coming up in a few months, so keep up with us for more updates!

As for now, Kazan members got back yesterday for our first practice. New members got to review songs like Matsuri, Miyake, and Eisa, while older members got to practice Yatai and Sukeroku.

The Metal Rabbits are well on their way to learning their generation song too!

That’s about it for now! Have a wonderful rest of the week!


The Kazan Family