Spring Break is almost over, and that means…

Check out our spring concert page under “Performances”. It’s coming up in just few weeks and it’s a performance you don’t want to miss!

Spring Concert

Kazan Taiko’s 4th Annual Spring Concert
Kazan Matsuri: Legend of the Sacred Bachi

Kazan Matsuri 2013: Legend of the Sacred Bachi

WHEN: 4/14 (SUN) 5-7pm TCC Ballroom A
WHERE: TCC Ballroom A

ADMISSION IS FREE :D Donations are greatly appreciated!
Please join us for our 4th annual spring concert!
In a mystical land where dragons roam the earth and humans can somehow communicate with cows and rabbits…
The small village of Kazan is holding their happy annual festival for the great Water Dragon, but their partying gets out of hand and angers the (somewhat neglected and lonely) Fire Dragon of the Volcano, unleashing its wrath! As the citizens cower in fear of this terrific beast, one young hero steps forward to save the village, charged with the task of retrieving for the Dragon the ~Sacred Bachi~ from across the sea. Little does our hero know, it will take more than just a pair of fancy bachi to save the village…

Founded in 2002 by several USC students eager to explore the increasing popular, dynamic art of ensemble taiko drumming, Kazan Taiko’s performances are infused with both traditional and modern influences of dance, music, and culture including hip hop and Okinawan eisa drumming. Like an active volcano, Kazan drummers are always filled with dynamic energy born from a blend of professional discipline and plain, old fun that gives Kazan Taiko its distinct character.



Hi everyone!
Kazan has been having a ton of performances lately!

USC JSA Bunkasai (Culture Day):

USC Nikkei Culture Night Day of Promotion:

Nikkei Culture Night: There’s No Place Like Little Tokyo:

And of course, we had our PHOTOSHOOT THIS MONTH! Check out some of our member’s photos here!

Interviews with our very own LAUREN PANG will be up soon!!

Taiko Love,
Kazan Taiko