First Info Session: Recap and THANK YOU!

Hey everybody!

For those of you who came out to the first info session, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR INTEREST! We’re so happy to see a lot of you excited about taiko, and we hope you’ll stick around for our open practices to learn more about us!

Speaking of open practices, they start… TOMORROW! Yeah that’s right! We’ll be heading over to Senshin Temple to start our new year!

If you were at the info meeting and forgot to grab the following forms that might be of interest to you, you can download them down below!

Want to learn more about Kazan? Kazan Info Sheet: ’13-’14
Excited to join Kazan? Fill out the Membership Application ’13-’14
Willing to drive us to practice/get discount on dues? Driver Discount Form ’13-’14

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more posts as open practices start!

Here’s a video about taiko on TED Talks… It had older Kazan members debating about why we play taiko, and what it means to us. Check it out!

Taiko love,
Kazan Taiko


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