Hey everybody!We hope you guys all had a great weekend, despite that awful loss against the Cougars… but hey, that game never happened, right? And now you can destress your anger out by coming to play taiko with us this week! 😀
Here are some of the things we have planned for this week:
Informational Meetings 
We had our first info meeting last Wednesday, but don’t worry if you missed it! We will be holding another one tomorrow (Monday, September 9) from 8 to 9 PM at VKC 152.
Come learn more about who we are and what we do! Those who attended the first info meeting are more than welcome to come again! Let your friends know! 🙂
Open Practices 
Kazan Taiko’s open practices are for all USC students interested in joining! We had our first open practice last Thursday, but we still have two more to come! Don’t worry if you missed the first one—this Thursday we’ll be going over the basics again, and we’ll be teaching Renshu, the song we started last week. Feel free to bring your friends! 😀
We will also be having an after-practice dinner this Thursday (12th)! It will be at Nak Won House in Koreatown.
Please fill out this form to let us know if you’re coming to practice and dinner this Thursday!
Kinnara Workshop 
We will be having a workshop with Kinnara Taiko during practice on Thursday, September 26! Kinnara Taiko is one of the oldest and most influential taiko groups in North America, so it is a great honor for us to share their practice space and learn their techniques and philosophy at their workshops.
Membership Dues & Forms 
Membership dues and forms are also due at practice on Thursday, September 26! The fee is $30 for the year, and it includes money for bachi (drumsticks), a hachimaki (headband), and a Kazan uniform T-shirt!
If you are interested in becoming a regular or non-regular driver for Kazan, please fill out the driver discount form! If you become a driver, we’ll give you up to a $20 dollar discount from your membership dues and reimburse gas costs!
Here are some of the relevant forms you might need.
We have a jam-packed week! Hope to see you all at some of these events!
Taiko love,
Kazan Taiko

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