Spring Semester Performances!

Just because Kazan is done with spring concert doesn’t mean we’re done with spring semester!

We have several performances and events we’re involved in planned in the future:

4/10 (THU): ISA Globe-Fest Performance
@ Lorenzo Apartments Outdoor Stage, some time between 8-9:30PM

4/27 (SUN) Temple cleanup
@ Senshin Buddhist Temple, 8am-12pm

5/4 (SUN) Senshin’s Teriyaki Chicken Sale 

@ Senshin Buddhist Temple, 7am-2pm

Hope to see you all at these events!

P.S. Hope y’all have a nice day 🙂


Spring Concert Recap!

Hi everybody!

Kazan Taiko just finished their annual spring concert, and we are extremely thankful for everyone that came despite the rainy weather in the beginning! Kazan members had an amazing experience, and our newest generation got to experience one of our biggest performances of the year.

Thank you SO MUCH to Haneulsori, TCD, and the alumni of Kazan Taiko for their participation in the concert as well! We couldn’t have made this concert without you guys.

Some photos! (More here)