Kazan Retreat 2014!

This past weekend, Kazan held its annual bachi/hachimaki making retreat! We had a lot of fun hanging out as a group and getting to know all the new members better, and now, with our newly sanded bachi and vibrant hachimaki, are ready to face any and all performances the year might throw at us!


Our retreat this year was held at our very own Kazan house! Large enough to accommodate all of our old and new members, as well as having a yard for us to sand bachi and take pictures, Kazan house was the perfect venue for retreat.

10689790_742141092519328_695979460269321988_n   10632785_742142845852486_5575173164055129612_n

We started out with a photo shoot for the new members, and then split up into bachi and hachimaki making. It was definitely a tiring ordeal, but putting your sweat and effort into making your own costume and equipment really helped our members connect to the discipline and concentration that taiko requires, and created lots of meaningful memories for everyone. Around noon we stopped to relax with a lunch of pizza and chips, and then formally welcomed our new members into the group!


Lastly, we concluded with the tradition of our member auction, which was a stunning success in fundraising! Thank you to all our members for coming out to retreat, and we look forward to a great rest of the year for Kazan!


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