Learning From the Best


Recently, Kazan’s E-board visited Asano Taiko in Torrance to meet with Mr. Toshi Kato, an expert on the construction and building of world-class taiko drums. Currently on a mission to build two new taiko of our own, Kazan definitely learned a lot from Mr. Kato. From hidden reinforcements and exact measurements to the sheer amount of tools and steps needed to make it from rustic wine barrel to glossy drum, it was a steep learning curve, but it also gave us a new appreciation and respect for the drum and the building process.

As Mr. Kato explained, the benefit of making drums yourself rather than just buying them is that you really come to understand the level of effort it takes to make it, which gives you a much greater sense of respect both for the drum and for the art of taiko itself.

Daunted but undeterred, we left with renewed energy and a collection of new information that, hopefully, will culminate in two new drums for Kazan Taiko in the near future! Thank you for taking the time to teach us, Mr. Kato! We look forward to the day we can come back and tell you that our drums are finally done!


Kazan x Yukai!

photo 2

Kazan Taiko’s E-board recently had the pleasure of meeting up for a Chipotle dinner/get-together with UCLA’s Yukai Daiko! It was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed getting to know our cross-town taiko counterparts! Kazan wishes you the best of luck, and hopes you had a successful recruitment! We look forward to more meet-ups and joint practices in the future!

Get to know Yukai as well! You can visit them here: http://www.yukaidaiko.com

Workshop with Tomomi!

Recently, Kazan Taiko had the honor of taking part in a workshop on Naname style with Tomomi Hongo!

IMG_20141023_194549 IMG_20141023_194622

We learned a lot of new tips and moves for the song “Matsuri,” and hope to implement some of them in our members’ Matsuri solos! It was also fun (and a workout!) to practice arm circle drumming exercises and techniques, and many of our members were greatly inspired to implement these moves as well into their performances. We had a lot of fun, and Tomomi’s bubbly and outgoing personality really made the time fly by!


Thank you for all your insight and advice, Tomomi! We look forward to learning more from you in the future!