Kazan Retreat 2015

Hello everyone!! We hope the winter break was as enjoyable and relaxing as you had hoped! Kazan is back in school for the spring semester, and we wasted no time getting right back into practice mode.


However, coming back from nearly a month off is pretty difficult, so to help ease ourselves back in to the semester, Kazan went on a weekend retreat down to San Diego! Our first stop once we arrived was a group lunch at Phil’s BBQ, which was the perfect meal to refresh us after the two hour drive down. After that, some of us went exploring, while others scouted the local beaches and parks for the perfect afternoon photoshoot location.

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One of the best parts of the retreat though was the curry dinner cooked by Kazan members Shoko and Richard! It was absolutely delicious, as attested to by the fact that nearly everyone had seconds.. or thirds… or fourths.


The next day, Kazan members enjoyed a rousing and beautiful morning hike to really take in the natural beauty of the area before heading back to the concrete metropolis of L.A.  The retreat was a definite highlight for all our members, and we hope that it will be the first of many more such retreats to come!