Kazan x Yukai x Taikomotion Practice!

pc: Yukai Daiko
pc: Yukai Daiko






Recently, Kazan had the wonderful opportunity to venture over to UCLA for a joint practice with UCLA’s Yukai Daiko, as well as UCI’s Taikomotion. Each group brought something new and inspiring to the table, whether it was a unique rendition of Matsuri, a crazy amount of bachi spinning during solos, or an entirely new song unique to the group. We had a blast learning and hanging out with you all, and definitely hope to have more joint practices in the future!

Everyone! 😀 pc: Yukai Daiko

Afterwards, we all went out for some snacks, boba, and fun time to get to know each other better. We loved learning more about Yukai and Taikomotion, and made some amazing new friends that we hope to see at invitationals in a few months! 😀


Being the food lovers we are though, Kazan ventured over to Sawtelle after that for a late night ramen dinner at Tatsu Ramen! Nothing is better after a taiko workout than hot ramen enjoyed with good friends, and it was definitely the best way to end a wonderful evening.