Each year, new members of Kazan are given a symbol for their generation based on the Chinese Zodiac. Click to see the members of the current and old generation!

2015 Wood Ram

Generation 13: Wood Rams (木未) 2015-2016


Generation 12: Wood Horses (木午) 2014-2015

Water Snake


Generation 11: Water Snakes (水巳) 2013-2014 

Water Dragon 

Generation 10: Water Dragon (水辰) 2012-2013

Generation Metal Rabbit (2011-2012)

Generation 9: Metal Rabbit (金卯) 2011-2012

Generation Metal Tiger (2010-2011)

Generation 8: Metal Tiger (金寅) 2010-2011

Generation Earth Ox (2009-2010)

Generation 7: Earth Ox (土丑) 2009-2010

Generation Earth Rat (2008-2009)

Generation 6: Earth Rat (土子) 2008-2009

Generation Fire Boar (2007-2008)

Generation 5: Fire Boar (火亥) 2007-2008

Generation Fire Dog (2006-2007)

Generation 4: Fire Dog (火戌) 2006-2007

Generation Wood Rooster (2005-2006)

Generation 3: Wood Rooster (木酉) 2005-2006


Generation 2: Wood Monkey (木申) 2004-2005
Jon Kam, Kuni Kondo, James Teng

Generation 1: Water Ram  (水未) 2003-2004
Meilee Wong

Generation 0: Water Horse (水午2002-2003
Rob Abergas, Cory Hayashi, Justin Jue, Lydia Kung, Julie Lu, Bridge Mei, Laure Morinaka
Koichi Sanchez

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