Senshin Buddhist Temple
Established in 1951, Senshin Buddhist Temple belongs to the Jodo Shinshu sect of Japanese Mahayana Buddhism. Senshin is the practice space of Kinnara Taiko, and the place where Kazan has graciously been allowed to practice at for many years.

Intercollegiate Taiko Council
Inspired by the desire to form solidified connection between collegiate taiko groups, eight schools gathered to form Intercollegiate Taiko Council in 2007. The council stands as a collective body of taiko group representatives that supports the development of collegiate taiko groups, such as us!

On-Campus Affiliations:

APASA: Asian Pacific American Student Assembly 

APASS: Asian Pacific American Student Services 

USC Nikkei Association 

USC Haneulsori

USC Wushu Nation 

USC Traditional Chinese Dance