lantern In 2010, Kazan Taiko held its first-ever spring concert, titled “Kazan Matsuri.” This began a wonderful tradition of annual spring concerts, with a second concert titled “Kazan Matsuri: Ganbare!” and third concert called “Kazan Matsuri: Beat of the Volcano,” in order to continue the festival theme. This event has represented the growth and dedication of our group since our founding in 2002. Guests to this event have included the founders of Kazan, collegiate groups such as UC Riverside’s Senryu Taiko and UC Irvine’s Jodaiko, and other USC groups like Wushu Nation and Haneulsori. During these concerts, Kazan has performed traditional pieces such as “Miyake,” “Matsuri,” and “Kazan Yodan Uchi,” in addition to Eisa pieces. Kazan has also performed original compositions by members, including “Kinzoku Tora Odori,” “Rising Dragonfist,” and “Ushi”.


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