Fall 2013 Semester Updates

Hey everybody!

Merry belated Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Kazan kids are off from school right now, enjoying their time with families and friends before 2nd semester kicks off. We have a SPRING CONCERT coming up in March, so stay tuned for more information on that!

Without further ado, here’s some things we’ve accomplished/done this semester!

WE HAVE A NEW LOGO! Thanks a bunch to our Media Director Anita Chen for creating an amazing new logo for our shirts. 

November 26: Identity Infusion Performance
Kazan  played Matsuri & Miyake at Ground Zero for BSA’s Identity Infusion! This was the first stage appearance of our Water Snake generation! 😀


December 7: Pacific Clinics Christmas Event

December 8: Jingle Bell Run Performance
Kazan got into the holiday spirit with Arthritis Foundation’s annual Jingle Bell Run! Kazan members got up at 5am, but they had lots of fun getting participants pumped up.

We had an annual photoshoot to take photos of all our members, generation, and Executive Board for the website! 
Winter Holiday Potluck
Like always, Kazan ate a TON OF FOOD (what’s new), exchanged presents, and had a 
great time before everyone left for winter break! 
Mochi Making with Senshin Temple:
We were lucky to have been invited and participate in mochi making with Senshin Temple, where we practice every Thursday! Members had a LOT of fun making mochi, eating them (among ton of other food thanks to Senshin Temple), and just hanging out with the temple people and each other!

We wish everyone a happy rest of the break, and hope to see you at some of our
performances in Spring Semester (INCLUDING SPRING CONCERT!)